Asha-Kiran Shelters Foundation

Asha-Kiran Shelters Foundation is an organization formed by people from diverse backgrounds who have come together with the aim of creating spaces where vulnerable children and other social groups can obtain affection, protection, safety and the opportunities of participation that will allow them to be happy and to develop fully as human beings.

Our Projects create and implement programs that promote dignified and self-sustaining living conditions where vulnerable children and other social groups can avail of the resources and opportunities to improve their quality of life.


About Us

Mission and Vision Asha-Kiran Shelters Foundation is a non-governmental, not-for profit, non-political and non-denominational organization, registered in Pune in 2007 under section 25 now Section 8, of the…


Our Projects

Asha-Kiran’s Projects The lives of millions of children unfold amidst misery, neglect, discrimination and lack of protection. Due to the fact that they belong to less favoured social classes, they are often excluded from…


Get Involved

Your Support Matters How You Can Help Asha-Kiran & the CHILDREN Create Awareness: Many people don’t know such facilities are available for children whose parents are unable to provide the…