Asha-Kiran’s Projects

The lives of millions of children unfold amidst misery, neglect, discrimination and lack of protection. Due to the fact that they belong to less favoured social classes, they are often excluded from access to basic services such as healthcare and education. Frequently they are exploited and mistreated.

The Projects of Asha-Kiran Shelters Foundation face the reality of these children, their families and communities, offering them viable means of participation and education, and preparing them for their future incorporation in society as valid, dignified and autonomous individuals.

In order to build a fairer and more balanced society, we need to work in order to eradicate the conditions which condemn an enormous amount of children to suffer marginalized lives, while at the same time we need to empower their family setting and community environment: the direct reference background to which the child naturally identifies and relates. For those who contribute to turn this vision into a reality, this task becomes not only a way of expressing solidarity, but also a means of experiencing the satisfaction of contributing to the wellbeing of our human family.

Yashodhara Home for Children


Day Care Centers Project


Community Development


Advocacy and Networking