Sheltering Hope


The aim of the Yashodhara Shelter Project is to provide a Home for exceptionally vulnerable children from the city of Pune; a place where they can find the caring environment they need to turn their potential into a reality, strengthen their capacity to make wise choices and participate fully in their own lives.

Asha-Kiran, under the Yashodhara Project, shelters vulnerable boys and girls who are particularly vulnerable due to weak family settings and fragile communities. The project is based on the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child as set forth by the United Nations, which acts as a beacon for our objectives, the methodology that we use and the activities we undertake.

We provide:

  •  Access to education and vocational training to mainstream them into the country’s educational and productive system.
  • Access to health and hygiene facilities to promote a holistic development.
  • The chance to live in an environment where affection and observance of the children’s rights

Always keeping the children’s foremost interests in mind, our initiatives entail an improvement of the children’s health, education and safety, setting off from a thorough knowledge of the youngsters’ plight and interacting with and within their social environment in such a way that they can eventually be reinserted into more caring and protective families.

Yashodhara is run in collaboration with Social Action for Manpower Creation (SAMPARC), an NGO with more than 20 years’ experience in the field of child care in India.

A face, a name, a smile

Gauri‘s mother died at childbirth and her father passed away shortly after. While still an infant and under conditions of extreme poverty, she and her three siblings were placed under the care of their grandmother, who died in 2008. From that moment onwards, Gauri and her brothers and sister became destitute.

Referred to Asha-Kiran through the NGO Women in Action due to her precarious family circumstances, Gauri came to Yashodhara with severe behavioral problems and conflictive relationships with adults and children.

Two weeks after her admission in Yashodhara, we started to see changes in Gauri which have now set in; she is doing well in her studies and has turned into a joyful, loving, open and respectful girl.

Yashodhara – Home for Children