Living in Madrid (Spain) since early age, Hansa currently directs a business on cultural services (TRITOMA S.L.) and an association on social services (EDES). Her childhood however was hard and full of unfulfilled needs, making her aware of the sufferings that children can be exposed to at a very early age. “At the time in which girls start dreaming about princesses, I dreamed about having a very big Home in which all children in need could feel protected and happy”. After meeting Uttam and starting to travel all over India, Hansa tried to support children and families who she met along the way. These were however no sustainable answers to the pressing needs that she encountered. That is how together they decided to found Asha-Kiran Shelters Foundation. “I am very thankful for walking this path because it has given sense to a very important part of my life”. Currently, apart from her activities in the Foundation, she keeps active on her family business while she undertakes academic training on Social Work.

Hansa (Paloma Sousa)

Our Staff

House Mother
Cluster Supervisor
Community mobilizer
Account and HR
Social Worker
Project Coordinator