Born in Donostia (Spain), his life has been inevitably connected to India since his first trip at the age of 19. “India seduced me like a young sailor looking for a teaming coast of life”. Together with its lights and colors, Uttam got well acquainted with the misery and pain suffered by a huge percentage of India’s population. “It is difficult to discover India and remain oblivious to global inequalities which pervade”. After successive trips through the country, he tightened relations with India’s people, adopted a child from Pune and became definitely linked to the city, having first-hand information about Pune’s vulnerable children. After meeting Hansa in 2002, who shared his feelings for the country, they decided to found Asha-Kiran Shelters Foundation and carry out Projects which would dignify the lives of India’s most vulnerable children.

A dance-therapist and a Yoga and Gurdjieff Movements teacher, Uttam has taught and guided hundreds of people in Europe and Latin America.

Uttam Módenes

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